d60 Pro Handball

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Size 3

Resin Free Technology is here!

The  d60 Pro conforms to the technical ball requirements for "Handballs played without Resin" issued by the IHF in July 2019. 

Water Absorbent Cover, Sweat Resistant

By using a highly absorbent surface material, the ball is less slippery as a result from sweaty hands. The d60 Pro's surface is more advanced in sweat management than the standard d60.

Softer Cover, Stronger Grip

Thick soft layers achieve a spongy cover, enabling the fingertips to sink in deeper and create more contact area between the finger and the surface of the ball. These features helps players to get an exceptional grip.

Technical Specifications

Size 3 

Circumference - 555-575mm

Weight - 400-425g

Construction - PU/Laminated

Size 2 

Circumference - 515-535mm

Weight - 300-325g

Construction - PU/Laminated

Inflation Tips

1. Always use a thin inflation needle to avoid damaging the valve.

2. Always moisten the needle and insert needle slowly.

3. Inflate the ball slowly to the pressure printed on the ball.

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